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TV | Today's Schedule

09.30 : A to Z  Teleshopping (live)
13.00 : Motordrome
15.00 : Qeghdin Sew
16.00 : Nursery Stars
17.00 : Habbejtek
18.10 : Foreign News
18.15 : Bingo 75 (live)
18.40 : Foreign News
19.00 : 7News
19.30 : Drama
20.30 : Il- Parlament tal-Poplu
21.30 : Motordrome PT.1 (rpt)
22.00 : 7News
22.30 : Motordrome PT.2 (rpt)


Radio | Today's Schedule

07:00 – Magic Moments

09:30 – Latest Hits Mix

14:00 -- Ku De Ta

16.15 -- Caroline Dmore

18:00 – Sister Bliss

19:00 --  Mixed Hits

20:00 -- TYDI

21:05 -- Markus Shultz


Fil-Kċina Ma' Farah

A cookery programme in which the resident’s cook Farah talks through and shows viewers how to cook/bake the recipe of the day. 

During the programme viewers can phone in and ask Farah about any problems they encounter during cooking.  The principal aim of the programme is to show people how easy it can be to eat nutritious food without spending a fortune.  Farah also shows how to make various sweets/deserts/cake, most of which are not high in calories.


Aired from Monday to Friday at 10.00 hrs

Repetitions from Monday to Friday at 16.10 hrs and Saturday at 13.00 hrs



Click on the link below to view Sweets Recipes  

Għafas fuq din il-link hawn taħt biex tara r-riċetti tal-ħelu





Click on the link below to view Recipes

Għafas fuq din il-link hawn taħt biex tara r-riċetti